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23 Jan 2017

Art Parties for those with Special Needs

This month we introduced our 2017 Art Party programming lineup that is tailor-made for adult members of the special needs community. Participants made Wish Dolls with the guidance of artist Kathryn Whitlock. Each “Wish Doll” started off with a “New Year’s Resolution” or a “wish” being written on a piece of paper, and then wrapped in brightly colored fabric and completed by embellishing the doll. Participants plan on displaying their dolls on a bookshelf in their room, or on the living room mantle to remind them of their hopes for the new year.

Wish Dolls made by two of our Art Party participants, January 2017.

Wish Dolls made by two of our Art Party participants, January 2017.

This resolution setting in the beginning of the new year ties into the continued efforts of The Art Experience. Our own “wish dolls” are ones created by others. It is the work of others’, in progress or completed, that embody our resolution to increase our capacity to provide quality and complete fine arts programming to members of special needs community.

Our Art Parties are just that–opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to meet new people, mingle, and try something new. Their caregivers are able to do the same. The projects have lives outside of the creation process as well–they turn into gifts for loved ones, functional pieces to decorate living and working spaces, or simply provide a visual reminder and sense of accomplishment.

We have an all new line up of unique and interesting projects that will help enrich the lives of our participants.

  • February: String and Nail Art on a wooden board
  • March: Ceramic Wall Vase
  • April: Fairy Gardens
  • May: Tile Coasters using alcohol inks
  • June: Felted Flowers
  • July: Tie Dye T-shirts
  • August: Birch Tree paintings
  • September: Owl containers
  • October: Autumnal Prints
  • November: Holiday Watercolor Paintings
  • December: Glass Ornaments

These parties will be posted as events on our Facebook page soon, and can also be found on our Take a Class page.

As always, advanced registration is required. Doing so requires online registration, or a phone call to the studio at 248.706.3304.

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