10 Apr 2018

Monthly Project- How to Make a Mandala

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The author of this blog post, Megan O’Dell, is now officially one of The Art Experience’s Artists in Residence. With assistance from her Expressive Arts Mentor, Megan has been developing her writing skills. Someday she hopes to work as a blogger and journalist.

Megan O’Dell, Artist in Residence


The project of the month is a mandala. It will get your mind going; this project will make you think. It is fun and interesting to try this. Mandalas are a good project for people 12 and older.

Supplies List

  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Mandala template
  • Markers (optional)
  • Colored Pencils (optional)
  • Paints (optional)
  • Compass

Step 1: Get a mandala template; if you want to create your own draw a circle on a blank piece of paper with a compass.

Step 2: Find the center of your mandala (on the template your center is marked). If you are creating your own mandala draw a light line in pencil from the top to the bottom & from left to right.

Step 3: Draw a motif or repeating symbol in one of your sections & then repeat it in a ring all the around your center motif.

Shapes to draw are…

  • Petals
  • Lines
  • Dots and Circles
  • Spirals

Step 4: Keep going, drawing new motifs in expanding rings as you work toward the outside of your mandala. Try to overlap some motifs. This creates new interesting shapes.

Step 5: Color your mandala with colors of your choosing.

Have fun this doing this mandala project!

Stay tuned to more monthly projects that can be made during our Open Studio program! To find out more about our Artist in Residency program, please call the studio at 248.706.3304.


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