7 Jun 2018

Monthly Project – TAE Rocks

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The author and photographer of this post, Megan O’Dell, is now officially one of The Art Experience’s Artists in Residence. With assistance from her Expressive Arts Mentor, Megan has been developing her writing skills. Someday she hopes to work as a blogger and journalist.

Megan O’dell

June’s project of the month is #Taerocks! We are trying to get more people interested in The Art Experience on social media sites. Here is how you can help and contribute.

Step 1: Pick a rock. Find one that you like & get ready to paint!!

Step 2: Do you need an idea? Think of your favorite…

word: love, hope, create

food: pizza, fruit, cupcakes, peace, memory: a person, a vacation

animals: dogs, cats, lion

colors: lines, dots, swirls

Step 3: Start painting. Use the craft paint, paint pens, & sharpies. Seal your rock with weather proof Mod Podge when they are finished.

Step 4: Hide your rocks. Your rock has a tag on the bottom of it. If the text is too small use a magnifying glass.

Step 5:  If you find a rock in the community, take a photo of your rock and post the image on social media with the hashtag #Taerocks.  Flip the rock over, and there is a tag with our social media info.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theartexperience.org/

Instagram: @theartexp

Twitter: @thartexp

Keep the rock or hide it again for someone else to find.

Tip 1: Where can you hide your rock? Be safe & considerate.

  • in parks
  • bus stops
  • beaches
  • safe public places
  • ask if unsure

*Over 100 rocks are hidden in downtown Pontiac*

Tips 2: Be sure to like our Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter! Watch to see if your rock is posted & post any rocks you find!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theartexperience.org/

Instagram: @theartexp

Twitter: @thartexp

Have a good time finding the rocks in your community!

Stay tuned to more monthly projects that can be made during our Open Studio program! To find out more about our Artist in Residency program, please call the studio at 248.706.3304.

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