Board Member and past President of The Art Experience, studied dance and movement at the University of California, Irvine, under Eugene Loring. She danced professionally in the 70's, was a performing member of Harbinger Dance Company, a modern dance company then in Detroit. She has taught dance for 20 years in various settings including community education, parks and recreation programs, and at a mental health clinic in Detroit. She taught dance for 15 years at Kennedy Center School, Pontiac, and pursued professional development through the American Dance Therapy Association. Ms. Scott is a certified white belt Neuromuscular Integrated Action (NIA) instructor, and a certified teacher of "Ageless Grace," a lifetime fitness program for the body and mind. Currently Mona teaches movement/dance for a mental health and substance misuse program. She is also on the Board of Eisenhower Dance, and is a retired attorney, volunteering at Common Ground in the Legal Clinic.