Mona Scott
Staff Artist


Board Member and past President of The Art Experience, studied dance and movement at the University of California, Irvine, under Eugene Loring. She danced professionally in the 70's, was a performing member of Harbinger Dance Company, a modern dance company then in Detroit. She has taught dance for 20 years in various settings including community education, parks and recreation programs, and at a mental health clinic in Detroit. She taught dance for 15 years at Kennedy Center School, Pontiac, and pursued professional development through the American Dance Therapy Association. Ms. Scott is a certified white belt Neuromuscular Integrated Action (NIA) instructor, and a certified teacher of "Ageless Grace," a lifetime fitness program for the body and mind. Currently Mona teaches movement/dance for a mental health and substance misuse program. She is also on the Board of Eisenhower Dance, and is a retired attorney, volunteering at Common Ground in the Legal Clinic.