Sue Nimlin


Occupational Therapist (retired) - As an OT, Ms. Nimlin loved being able to combine arts in her media. A self-taught photographer, she wanted to focus her graduate work on the use of audio-visuals for teaching occupational therapy. Her Master's project was a video teaching tool for wheelchair repair. Research for the copyright revealed it was the first video of its kind. She started at The Art Experience as an Open Studio participant in 1999. Soon thereafter she became a volunteer, an instructor, a board member,and staff artist. Ms. Nimlin has taught classes on art journaling, and nature-themed classes pertaining to birds, recycling and gardening. She loves the concept of an inclusive studio where a professional artist sits next to a beginning artist, people with disabilities sit next to people who are able bodied, and the homeless sit beside the CEO. She knows from her own experiences that art makes a difference in people's lives.