InstructorTAE Staff
TypeOnsite Course
DateJan 8, 2018 - Dec 30, 2019
Time1:00pm - 3:00pm
PlaceThe Art Experience

Creative endeavor engages multiple areas of the brain while also providing the opportunity for self-reflection. All day long we receive messages from external sources and naturally react internally; the creative processes are a glue that can integrate the external with our subconscious. We reflect on the external, internal, ideas, and desires, all the while exploring who we are, and who we want to become. For survivors of stroke, the simple act of creating can be very powerful in recovery, and even more so when done in a supportive, community environment.

Registration is required. 

Each workshop is guided by each participants’ interest in different art media–painting, drawing, photography and mixed media.

Functions of the right side of the brain include recognition of differences in color and color hues.

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